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As usual, we've got a ton of graphs presented in as consistent manner as possible. New questions not asked in previous surveys are denoted by the icon. The questions for the survey are arranged into the following categories:

How to Access the Information

For most questions, there are six graphs and tables available: Click on the name of the question to view a page containing the question text, and all the graphs and tables for that question.

Almost all graphs are jpeg files. The statistics as well as the HTML and jpeg files were all created using SPSS 8.0 for WinNT. Some graphs in the Electronic Commerce section were created with Excel 98 and are GIFs.

There are two different styles of data tables due to a limitation of the software used to create them. The regular HTML-style tables were generated from radio button questions (i.e. choose one answer). The ascii-style tables were generated from checkbox questions (i.e. choose all that apply). For tables which represent different stratifications, different groups are reported one after the other (i.e. A section for "Male" responses followed by a section for "Female" responses). For some stratifications, there is a section for "." which indicates that the value used for stratification was missing. For example, people who did not specify their gender and couldn't be placed into the Male or Female categories would be put into this "missing" category.

Skill Level Assessment

In the General Demographics questionnaire, one question asked whether or not the respondent had performed the following activites online: Respondents were then classified into the following categories: A further refinement not explored in these results would be to "weight" different activities as more characteristic of expert users. For this first time, though, we thought a simple sum would be sufficient.

General Demographics - 5,022 Respondents

Technology Demographics - 2,710 Respondents

Online Privacy and Security - 1,482 Respondents

Computer, Web and Internet Use - 3,291 Respondents

Software Filters and Content Rating (Vanderbilt) - ??? Respondents

Everyday Life (Vanderbilt) - ??? Respondents

Purchasing on the Internet (Portland State) - ??? Respondents
for those who have made a purchase online

Finding Product Information and Purchasing - 645 Respondents
for those who have looked for product information online

Webmasters - 434 Respondents

Note: Due to resource limitations, we are not able to provide any analysis for these questions. However, we have made the graphs available for you do make your own interpretation of the results. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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