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MACV Compound
The Frank Doezema Compound

MACV compound

The MACV compound at Hué (center) looking southeast.   Photo © Tom Pilsch

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) Advisory Team 3 had the mission of providing support (mostly fire support and logistics) to the 1st Division of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) headquartered in Hué as well as Thua Thien province forces.   The province headquarters were just north of the MACV compound (in the lower left corner of the photo above).

Northern tip of Hué New City showing MACV compound and LCU ramp.
(National Route 1 runs along the southwest side of the compound.)
Click on map for expanded view
Map courtesy of John Paul Rossie's Maps of Vietnam

The team was quartered in an area approximately one city block square on the south side of the Perfume River in the New City of Hué.  
Hotel Annex, Officer 
Quarters, Hué MACV Compound
Hotel Annex, MACV Compound
The Doezema Memorial can be seen to the left of the base of the American flag pole.
(Click on image for larger view and
photos of the compound today)
This area was called the Frank Doezema Compound in honor of U. S. Army Specialist Frank Doezema who was killed while manning a key defensive position there on the first morning of the Battle of Hué.   Doezema was credited by many with saving the compound during the initial onslaught and was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his valor.   Click for more on Specialist Doezema

A three-story former hotel dominated the west corner of the compound.   Solidly built of concrete, the structure was used as an officer's billet.   The dining hall on the first floor also served as a meeting room where movies were shown on an irregular basis.  

Running northeast from the hotel was a two-story annex with about 20 sleeping "suites" (two rooms -- front and back -- and a bathroom).   It too was solidly constructed and provided reasonably comfortable accommodations.   I shared a suite with two other Trail FACs.   The rooms were screened, but we had electricity most of the time, and with a fan and a mosquito netting frame around our beds, we were reasonably comfortable.   We even had the luxury of a small refrigerator.  

Behind the annex were three rows of single-story open bay structures housing the enlisted personnel and junior officers.   Referred to as "hooches" (the generic Vietnamese term for any small dwelling), these were more substantial than the standard wood and corrugated metal structures found on most US bases in Vietnam.

  Hué MACV compound hooch
Hooch at MACV compound.
Note bunker in foreground.
Hué MACV compound hooch
Hooch at MACV compound showing
damage from May 1967 mortar attack.
Photos above courtesy of Joel Packman and his TMA Vietnam Web site.

Click here for the story of the Hué goose.

Link to images of Hué and the MACV compound c 1967 (pre-Tet 68)

Hué           Battle of Hué