Tentative Schedule

Feb 1, 2011: Start of Phase 1 Public announcement, collection and improvement of testbeds
Mar 31, 2011: Start of Phase 2 Please express your interest in participation by registering to the mailing list
Jun 1, 2011: Start of Phase 3 Algorithm development and evaluation
Nov 4, 2011: Paper deadline Deadline for submitting papers to the workshop
Jan 2012: Feedback Feedback on workshop papers mailed
Feb 7, 2012: Paper deadline Paper revisions based on feedback due, distributed to workshop participants
Feb 13-14, 2012: Workshop in Atlanta,
Georgia, USA
May 25, 2012: Start of Phase 4,
paper deadline
Deadline for revising papers for the challenge proceedings
Oct 2012: Notifications Review notifications mailed
Nov 2012: Final paper deadline Final paper versions due
Q1 2013: Book publication The book on the 10th Challenge is expected to be published!