Call for Participation and Call for Papers

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Call for Participation Call for Papers

How to participate

This challenge is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Participants can submit either algorithms or problem instances/instance generators (or both). Participants may submit results for as many algorithms as they wish. If you are interested in participating in the Challenge, please visit our Contact page to get information on how to keep in touch.

Participants should download benchmark instances for the problem they wish to address from the Downloads page. The page also describes the file formats. Your work can take two different directions.

  • Instances for algorithm evaluation:
    The instances should be natural and interesting. By the latter we mean instances that cause good algorithms to behave differently from the other instances. Interesting real-life application data are especially welcome.
  • Algorithm evaluation:
    Description of implementations of algorithms with experimental data that support conclusions about practical performance. Common benchmark instances and codes should be used so that there is common ground for comparison. The most obvious way for such a paper to be interesting (and selected for the proceedings) is if the implementation improves state-of-the-art. However, there may be other ways to produce an interesting paper, for example by showing that an approach that looks well in theory does not work well in practice by explaining why this is the case.