Graphs from Numerical Simulations

Last graph file update: Dec 12th, 2011

These graphs have been used in numerical simulations.

For the graphs adaptive and venturiLevel3, please refer to the preprint of:
Hartwig Anzt, Werner Augustin, Martin Baumann, Hendryk Bockelmann, Thomas Gengenbach, Tobias Hahn, Vincent Heuveline, Eva Ketelaer, Dimitar Lukarski, Andrea Otzen, Sebastian Ritterbusch, Björn Rocker, Staffan Ronnås, Michael Schick, Chandramowli Subramanian, Jan-Philipp Weiss, and Florian Wilhelm. Hiflow3 - a flexible and hardware-aware parallel Finite element package. In Parallel/High-Performance Object-Oriented Scientific Computing (POOSC'10), accepted.

For the graphs channel-500x100x100-b050 and packing-500x100x100-b050, please refer to
Markus Wittmann, Thomas Zeiser. Technical Note: Data Structures of ILBDC Lattice Boltzmann Solver.

The instances NACA0015, M6, 333SP, AS365, and NLR are 2-dimensional FE triangular meshes with coordinate information. 333SP and AS365 are actually converted from existing 3-dimensional models to 2D places, while the rest are created from geometry. The corresponding coordinate files have been assembled in one archive. They have been created and contributed by Chan Siew Yin with the help of Jian Tao Zhang, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada. The corresponding paper is: Siew Yin Chan, Teck Chaw Ling, Eric Aubanel, "The impact of heterogeneous multi-core clusters on graph partitioning: An empirical study". Cluster Computing, 15(3), pp. 281–302, 2012.

All files are compressed with bzip2.

Graph Files

Graph n m
NACA0015.graph.bz2 (A NACA0015 airfoil) 1,039,183 3,114,818
M6.graph.bz2 (An ORENA M6 wing) 3,501,776 10,501,936
333SP.graph.bz2 (A Ferrari 333 SP) 3,712,815 11,108,633
AS365.graph.bz2 (An Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin) 3,799,275 11,368,076
NLR.graph.bz2 (An NLR airfoil with flap) 4,163,763 12,487,976