Erdös-Rényi Graphs

Last update: July 26, 2011

These random graphs have been generated according to the Erdös-Rényi G(n,p) model with p = 1.5 ln n / n. Download the generator if you want to avoid downloading the graphs. Simply use ./compile to compile the source code and run the script ./ (requires 64-bit Linux, but should be customizable to other 64-bit platforms). Use the md5sums.txt file to check the validity of the compressed files. Please let Henning Meyerhenke know if you encounter any problems.

Graph log_2 (n)
er-fact1.5-scale20.graph.bz2 20
er-fact1.5-scale21.graph.bz2 21
er-fact1.5-scale22.graph.bz2 22
er-fact1.5-scale23.graph.bz2 23
er-fact1.5-scale24.graph.bz2 24
er-fact1.5-scale25.graph.bz2 25
er-fact1.5-scale26.graph.bz2 26