Monday,  March 23   (9:00 am - 7:00 pm)  
  9:00    Welcome and Introductory Overview by Organizers
10:00    Paper Presentations: Case Studies & Design Principles
  1. Matthew Taylor, “Leveraging Human Knowledge for Machine Learning Curriculum Design” [pptx]
  2. Byoung-Tak Zhang,“Teaching an Agent by Playing a Multimodal Memory Game: Strategies for Machine Learners and Human Teachers” [pptx]
10:30   Break
11:00    Paper Presentations: Agents Asking Questions
  1. Geert-Jan Kruijff, “ Phrasing Questions” [pdf]
  2. Melinda Gervasio, Karen Myers, Fusun Yaman and Marie desJardins, "Question Asking to Inform Preference Learning: A Case Study” [ppt]
  3. Stephanie Rosenthal, Manuela Veloso and Anind Dey, "Asking Questions and Developing Trust" [ppt]
11:45    Paper Presentations: Interactive Learning Agents & Robots 1
  1. Yifen Huang and Tom Mitchell, “ Toward Mixed-Initiative Email Clustering” [ppt]
  2. Sonia Chernova and Manuela Veloso, "A Confidence-Based Approach to Multi-Robot Demonstration Learning" [pptx]
  3. Brenna Argall, Brett Browning and Manuela Veloso, "Learning Robot Motion Control from Demonstration and Human Advice" [odp]
12:30    Lunch
  2:00    Keynote Speaker:    Alison Gopnik
                                              Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley
  3:00    Discussion: Human social learning
  3:30    Break
  4:00    Keynote Speakers:     Leila Takayama  &  Heidy Maldonado
                            Willow Garage        Stanford University
  4:40    Lab Tour: Cliff Nass hosted by Victoria Groom*
  6:00    Reception
           * = Joint session with symposium on Experimental Design for Real-World Systems
Tuesday, March 24   (9:00 am - 7:00 pm)
  9:00    Welcome and Announcements
  9:15    Paper Presentations: Algorithms and Evaluation Metrics for Interactive ML
  1. Brad Knox, Ian Fasel, Peter Stone, "Design Principles for Creating Human-Shapable Agents" [ppt]
  2. Jacob Beal, Paul Robertson, Robert Laddaga, "Curricula and Metrics to Investigate Human-Like Learning" [pdf]
  3. Jacob Crandall, Michael Goodrich, Lanny Lin, "Encoding Intelligent Agents for Uncertain, Unknown, and Dynamic Tasks: From Programming to Interactive Artificial Learning" [pdf]
  4. Steven Eker, Thomas Lee, Melinda Gervasio, "Iteration Learning by Demonstration" [ppt]
  5. Ian Fasel, Michael Quinlan, Peter Stone, "A Task Specification Language for Bootstrap Learning" [key]
10:30    Break
11:00    Keynote Speaker:     Pieter Abbeel
                            Assistant Professor in EECS, UC Berkeley
12:00    Discussion: Machine learning algorithms for interactive learning
12:30    Lunch
  2:00    Paper presentations: Interactive Learning Agents & Robots 2
  1. Darren Appling, Ellen Yi-Luen Do, "CLARIFY: Human-Powered Training of SMT Models" [pdf]
  2. Rebecca Passonneau, Susan Epstein, Joshua Gordon, "Help Me Understand You: Addressing the Speech Recognition Bottleneck” [pdf]
  2:30    Discussion: Design principles for interactive machine learning
  3:00    Preview presentation of demos
  3:30    Break
  4:00    Demo Session*
  5:00    Discussion: Metrics for interactive learning*
  6:00    Plenary Session
            * = Joint session with symposium on Experimental Design for Real-World Systems
Wednesday, March 25   (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
  9:00    Paper presentations: Agents learning like humans
  1. Sekou Remy and Ayanna M. Howard, "Predicting the Robot Learning Curve based on Properties of Human Interaction” [pdf]
  2. Shichao Ou and Roderic Grupen, "Learning Prospective Robot Behavior” [ppt]
  9:30    Paper presentations: Interactive Learning Agents & Robots 3
  1. Bruno da Silva, "Learning from Disagreeing Demonstrators” [ppt]
  2. Paul Groth, Yolanda Gil, "Scaffolding Instructions to Learn Procedures from Users” [ppt]
  3. Jyh-Ming Lien, Emlyn Pratt,  "Interactive Planning for Shepherd Motion”
  4. Nik Melchior, Reid Simmons, "Learning Sequential Composition Plans Using Reduced-Dimensionality Examples” [odp]
10:30    Break
11:00    Discussion: A roadmap for interactive machine learning
11:30    Wrap-up and conclusion by Organizers
12-5pm: (optional) AAAI Robotics Planning Event; hosted by Chad Jenkins at Willow Garage