Street Networks

Last graph file update: Mar 28th, 2011

The graphs Asia, Belgium, Europe, Germany, Great-Britain, Italy, Luxemburg and Netherlands are (roughly speaking) undirected and unweighted versions of the largest strongly connected component of the corresponding Open Street Map road networks. The Open Street Map road networks have been taken from

Detailed information on how the graphs have been converted can be found in each file. All files are compressed with bzip2.

Graph Coordinates n m
asia.osm.graph.bz2 11950757 12711603
belgium.osm.graph.bz2 1441295 1549970
europe.osm.graph.bz2 50912018 54054660
germany.osm.graph.bz2 11548845 12369181
great-britain.osm.graph.bz2 7733822 8156517
italy.osm.graph.bz2 6686493 7013978
luxembourg.osm.graph.bz2 114599 119666
netherlands.osm.graph.bz2 2216688 2441238