Kronecker Generator Graphs

The original Kronecker files contain self-loops and multiple edges. These properties are also present in real-world data sets. However, some tools cannot handle these "artifacts" at the moment. That is why we present "cleansed" versions of the data sets as well. For the Challenge you should expect to be confronted with the original data with self-loops and multiple edges. However, the final decision on this issue will be made based on participant feedback.

All files have been generated with the R-MAT parameters A=0.57, B=0.19, C=0.19, and D=0.05 and edge factor 48, i.e., the number of edges equals 48n, where n is the number of vertices. Details about the generator and the parameter meanings can be found on the Graph500 website.

Original Graphs with Multiple Edges and Self-Loops

Graph log_2 (n)
kron_g500-logn16.graph.bz2 16
kron_g500-logn17.graph.bz2 17
kron_g500-logn18.graph.bz2 18
kron_g500-logn19.graph.bz2 19
kron_g500-logn20.graph.bz2 20
kron_g500-logn21.graph.bz2 21

Simple Graph Variants

In the files below multiple edges and self-loops have been deleted.

Graph log_2 (n)
kron_g500-simple-logn16.graph.bz2 16
kron_g500-simple-logn17.graph.bz2 17
kron_g500-simple-logn18.graph.bz2 18
kron_g500-simple-logn19.graph.bz2 19
kron_g500-simple-logn20.graph.bz2 20
kron_g500-simple-logn21.graph.bz2 21