Frames from 2D Dynamic Simulations

These fies have been created with the generator described in Oliver Marquardt, Stefan Schamberger: Open Benchmarks for Load Balancing Heuristics in Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Computations. In Proc. International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA 2005), Volume 2, pp. 685-691. CSREA Press 2005, ISBN 1-932415-59-9685-691.

The graphs are meshes taken from indivudual frames of a dynamic sequence that resembles two-dimensional adaptive numerical simulations. Smaller versions of these files (and their dynamic sequences as videos) can be found on Stefan Schamberger's website dedicated to these benchmarks. The files presented here are the frames 0, 10, and 20 of the sequences, respectively. The respective number of vertices (n) and edges (m) are shown in the table below, too.

Graph Files

Graph Coordinates n m
hugebubbles-00000.graph.bz2 18,318,143 27,470,081
hugebubbles-00010.graph.bz2 19,458,087 29,179,764
hugebubbles-00020.graph.bz2 21,198,119 31,790,179
hugetrace-00000.graph.bz2 4,588,484 6,879,133
hugetrace-00010.graph.bz2 12,057,441 18,082,179
hugetrace-00020.graph.bz2 16,002,413 23,998,813
hugetric-00000.graph.bz2 5,824,554 8,733,523
hugetric-00010.graph.bz2 6,592,765 9,885,854
hugetric-00020.graph.bz2 7,122,792 10,680,777