Delaunay Graphs

These fies have been generated as Delaunay triangulations of random points in the unit square.

Reference: M. Holtgrewe, P. Sanders, and C. Schulz. Engineering a Scalable High Quality Graph Partitioner. 24th IEEE International Parallal and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2010.

Graph Files

All files are compressed using bzip2. The number of vertices are all powers of two. The file names are marked by the base-2 logarithm of the graph sizes.

Graph log_2 (n) m
delaunay_n10.graph.bz2 10
delaunay_n11.graph.bz2 11
delaunay_n12.graph.bz2 12
delaunay_n13.graph.bz2 13
delaunay_n14.graph.bz2 14
delaunay_n15.graph.bz2 15
delaunay_n16.graph.bz2 16
delaunay_n17.graph.bz2 17
delaunay_n18.graph.bz2 18
delaunay_n19.graph.bz2 19
delaunay_n20.graph.bz2 20
delaunay_n21.graph.bz2 21
delaunay_n22.graph.bz2 22
delaunay_n23.graph.bz2 23
delaunay_n24.graph.bz2 24
delaunay_n25.graph.bz2 25