Citation Networks

Last graph file change: April 4th, 2011

These graphs are examples of social networks used in R. Geisberger, P. Sanders, and D. Schultes. Better approximation of betweenness centrality. In 10th Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experimentation, pages 90-108, San Francisco, 2008. SIAM.

The networks are based on data compiled by the popular websites DBLP - Digital Bibliography and Library Project and CiteSeer, Scientific Literature Digital Library.

All files are compressed with bzip2.

Graph Files

Graph n m
citationCiteseer.graph 268,495 1,156,647
coAuthorsCiteseer.graph 227,320 814,134
coAuthorsDBLP.graph 299,067 977,676
coPapersCiteseer.graph 434,102 16,036,720
coPapersDBLP.graph 540,486 15,245,729