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Please see the following for more recent material:
MAST Multimedia Gallery 
An Ethical Basis for Autonomous System Deployment Videos
Navair Intelligent Autonomy Multimedia Page
Summary and final demonstration of the Mars 20/20 project
Segway Multimedia Page
MARS Multimedia Page
MARS 2020 Multimedia Page
TMR Multimedia Page
MissionLab Multiagent demonstration (mpg, 59.4MB)
Multiagent Cooperative Robotics (mpg, 74.7MB)

Older Images

People at the GT Mobile Robot Lab (old picture) 60K
Trash-collecting robots 83K
GT Robot Family Photo 67K
Mobile Robot Lab's Hummer (The Touring Machine) 16K
Mobile Manipulation Insertion Task Demo 20K
Stimpy, a Denning Mobile Robot 17K
ASRT Helicopter Testbed 130K
Pioneers approaching building 26K
1997 AAAI Mobile Robot Competition entries for Find life on Mars and Home Vacuum events 18K

Older MPEG Videos

Our winning team at AAAI-94, Seattle 0.9MB
Winning Georgia Tech robots at AAAI-94 6.9MB
AUVS contest at Georgia Tech 3.2MB
Georgia Tech winning entry in AUVS competition 2.0MB