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Specialized equipment the laboratory maintains for mobile robotics research includes:
1 Evolution Robotics Scorpion Robot
1 Evolution Robotics ER1 Robot
1 Segway Mobile Robot
4 Pioneer 2-DXE Mobile Robots
3 RWI ATRV-Jr All-Terrain Mobile Robot, DGPS, Compass, Gyroscope
7 SICK LS200 Laser Scanner
5 ActivMedia AmigoBot
3 Dell PC P4 2.4GHz 512MB, Linux
1 Dell PC dual Xeon 2GHz 1GB, dual boot, DVD-RW, Video Editing
1 Dell PC dual P3 500MHz 512MB, dual boot, CD-R
3 Dell PC dual P3 500MHz 512MB, Linux
1 Dell PC dual P2 450MHz 512MB, Linux
1 Sun Sparc Ultra 5
2 Dell Laptops P2 266MHz 96MB, Linux
2 Dell Laptops P2 233MHz 64MB, Linux
1 Nomad 200 Mobile Robot
5 Nomad 150 Mobile Robots
1 Robot Blimp
3 Pioneer AT Mobile Robots
1 Hermes II Hexapod Robot
1 Denning DRV-I Mobile Robot
1 Actuated AM General Hummer (w/DGPS)
3 Blizzard mobile robots
1 CRS+ A251 robot arm
1 Sensar PV-1 Pyramid Image Processor
1 Teleos AVP100 Image Motion Processor
6 NewtonLabs Cognachrome Vision Systems
2 Sun Sparcstation 5s
1 Sun Sparcstation 20
3 RDI Unix Laptops (with video digitizers)
5 Toshiba PC Laptops running Linux
1 Zenith 486 PC Clone running Linux
1 Sensus Sonar Ring
3 Pulnix and Sony CCD video cameras
6 Cohu, Sony and Pulnix color video cameras
1 Pulnix low lux image-intensified video camera
1 Lasiris laser striping system with Watec video camera
1 Acuity Laser range scanner
1 Denning laser scanner (bar code reader)
3 Directed perception pan/tilt platforms
VHF/UHF radio/video links for robot communication (10 freewaves, 2 proxims, 6 lawns)
4 Nokia A020/A021/A032 Wireless LAN Access Points