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Research Projects

DARPA Subterranean Challenge: Revolutionize how we operate in the underground domain.
EAGER: CNS: Misdirection in Robot Teams: Exploiting Organizational Principles for Operational Advantage
Robot ecologies: Biologically Inspired Heterogeneous Teams
Don't read my face: Tackling the challenges of facial masking in Parkinson's disease rehabilitation through co-robot mediator
BRC: Primate-inspired ground vehicle control
DTRA: V&V for emergent and probabilistic robot control software
TAME: Time-varying affective phenomena for humanoid robots
HUNT: Heterogeneous Unmanned Networked Teams
Micro Autonomous Systems Technology (MAST)
Acoustical Awareness for Intelligent Robotic Action
An Ethical Basis for Autonomous System Deployment (ARO)
Mission-specification Interface for Objective Selection (Lockheed-Martin)
Visual SLAM (SAIC)
Intelligent Autonomy (NavAir)
Mobile Autonomous Robot Software 2020 (DARPA MARS-2020)
Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (DARPA MARS)
Segway RMP (related to DARPA MARS and MARS-2020)
Future Combat Systems Communications Systems Integration and Demonstration (DARPA FCS-C SI&D)
Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (DARPA/SAIC)
Tactical Mobile Robotics (DARPA TMR)
Dynamic, Reactive LOS Communication Pathways Derived from Multiagent Robotic Assets (C.S. Draper Lab)
Compact Map Building - 3D Models from Laser Data
Behavior-Based Architecture for a Mobile Robot (HONDA R&D)
Multiagent Robotic Systems
Reactive Control for Multiagent Systems in Hostile Environments (DARPA RTPC)
Ecological Robotics: A Schema-theoretic Approach (NSF)
Low-Level Nuclear Waste Inspection (Savannah River)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (NSF and Army)
Mobile Manipulation (NSF)
Integration with High-Level Reasoning
Learning and Adaptation in Autonomous Robotic Systems
AAAI-94 Robot Competition (we won!)
AAAI-97 Robot Competition (we won again!)