Anirudh Sarma

PhD Student, Edge Computing, Deterministic Distributed Computing


I’m a CS PhD Student/Researcher at Georgia Tech and I’m privileged to be a part of the Embedded Pervasive Lab (EPL). I’m advised by Dr. Kishore Ramachandran.

I received my MS CS from Georgia Tech and my Bachelors degree in CS from Manipal University.

My interests range from Systems, Distributed Sytems & Networking with an emphasis on deterministic, efficient and performant use of resources which are essential for Edge Computing applications. I am particularly interested in (1) optimizing resource scheduling on single node systems & (2) improving the state-of-the-art (SotA) in resource orchestration in geo-distributed cluster environments in the context of emerging applications that move computations closer to the end user (for e.g., Autonomous Driving Systems, Industrial automation, Collaborative AR etc). I’ve been fortunate to work with talented peers at EPL in projects aimed at solving the research challenges faced by Edge Computing applications.

I volunteer my spare time as the Student & Faculty Affairs Chair with the Graudate Student Association for the School of Computer Science (SCS GSA) to help improve graduate student wellbeing and experience.

I also love cooking and enjoy learning the science behind food. I’m quite proud I bake my own (sourdough) bread!


Dec 5, 2022 Co-Presented ClairvoyantEdge with Manasvini at Sympopsium of Edge Computing in Seattle.

selected publications

  1. SEC
    ClairvoyantEdge: Prescient Prefetching of On-demand Video at the Edge of the Network
    Manasvini Sethuraman, Anirudh Sarma, Ashutosh Dhekne, and 1 more author
    In Proceedings of the 7th ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing, Dec 2022
  2. arXiv
    NFSlicer: Data Movement Optimization for Shallow Network Functions
    Anirudh Sarma, Hamed Seyedroudbari, Harshit Gupta, and 2 more authors
    Mar 2022