Below is a list of videos produced by the II group. Some of these files are very large, so you should likely only download if you have a fast internet connection.

DataBreeze multimodal visualization, 2020. Videos of the DataBreeze system for multimodal (speech & touch) interaction with unit visualizations on a large display. Intro - mp4 (24 MB), Scenario - mp4 (60 MB)

NL4DV Toolkit, 2020. Video about applications of the NL4DV python toolkit for adding natural language input capabilities to data analysis and visualization systems. youtube

VisWall visualization system, 2019. Video of the VisWall system that supports collaborative work through direct combination touch on a large display. mp4 (75 MB)

Voder visualization system, 2018. Video of the Voder system that provides interactive data facts that coordinate with data visualizations. mp4 (45 MB)

Tangraphe multitouch visualization interaction, 2018. Video of the Tangraphe interface that allows a person to do single-hand multi-touch interaction with a network visualizations. mp4 (33 MB)

Data Illustrator, 2018. Video of the Data Illustrator system for creating static data visualizations and infographics without requiring programming. vimeo

Orko multimodal visualization, 2017. Videos of the Orko system for multimodal (speech & touch) interaction with network visualizations. Intro - mp4 (37 MB), Scenario - mp4 (52 MB)

SentenTree social media visualization, 2016. Presentation of our visualization technique for summarizing large collections of Tweets for understanding their content, topics, and themes. mp4 (39 MB)

Multitouch techniques for advanced selection on a tablet, 2016. Video presenting our approach for performing different advanced selection operations using a "clutch" idea, for data visualizations on tablet computers. mp4 (92 MB)

Multiple coordinated views on a tablet, 2016. Video presenting our system that provides multiple coordinated views, employing touch visualizations, on a tablet computer. mp4 (60 MB)

Multi-touch Dust & Magnet, 2015. A video that illustrates the Dust & Magnet visualization technique implemented on a large, touch display. mp4 (50 MB)

TipoVis, 2015. Presentation of the TipoVis system for analyzing proximate temporal events. mov (25 MB)

OnSet, 2014. Overview of the OnSet system for visualizing large-scale binary set data, presented at InfoVis '14. One application is a visualization of blood samples from whale sharks. mp4 (54 MB)

GLO-STIX, 2014. A video that illustrates use of Graph-Level Operations (GLOs) that are the building blocks of graph visualizations, which we presented at InfoVis '14. mp4 (30 MB)

SafePassage, 2014. A video illustrating a system for showing levels of historical crimes of different types along different routes between locations in Atlanta. Poster presentation at InfoVis '14. mp4 (1 MB)

Scatterplot Multitouch Tablet interface, 2014. Video showing the different multitouch operations for a scatterplot application on a tablet computer from our work presented at AVI '14. mp4 (86 MB)

dotlink360, 2013. Overview of the dotlink360 system for understanding business ecosystems, presented at InfoVis '13. mov (28 MB)

Jigsaw, 2013. A video that illustrates Jigsaw being used to explore the 9-11 Commission Report. mov (45 MB)

CiteVis, 2013. Introduction to the CiteVis system for visually exploring citations among conference papers. mov (22 MB)

Jigsaw, 2012. A video that illustrates Jigsaw being used to explore all the papers appearing at the IEEE InfoVis and VAST Conferences from 1995 to 2011. mov (18 MB)

Jigsaw, 2012. A video that illustrates Jigsaw being used to explore reviews of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis car. mov (8 MB)

Ploceus, 2011. Overview of the Ploceus system that allows analysts to model and visualize tabular data (spreadsheet, database) as node-link networks or graphs. A paper about the system appeared at VAST '11. mov (51 MB)

Jigsaw, 2011. A video that illustrates Jigsaw being used to explore a collection of over 6000 Robert Parker reviews of wines from Tuscany, Italy. mp4 (16 MB)

Jigsaw, 2011. A video that illustrates Jigsaw being used to explore papers from the ACM CHI Conference. mp4 (46 MB)

Jigsaw, 2010. A video that illustrates Jigsaw being used in a genomics scenario, to investigate how particular genes are discussed in different academic papers found in PubMed. (Flash)

Jigsaw, 2009. A tutorial-style video that shows a number of short segments about the different views in Jigsaw. Useful for learning more about how the system works. mov (11 MB)

Jigsaw, 2007. Introduction to the Jigsaw visual analytic system that provides multiple views of text document collections and the entities within. Provides aid to investigative analysts exploring a report collection to uncover hidden themes and plots. wmv (20 MB), mov (32 MB)

BlueGoo, 2007. Overview of the BlueGoo system that presents news headlines through animated collages of images and text, ideally useful as a peripheral display. qt (13 MB).

Dust & Magnet, 2005. InfoVis via a magnet metaphor where magnets represent attributes and attract dust representing data cases. mov (49 MB).

InfoCanvas, 2004. Overview of the InfoCanvas system for fostering peripheral information awareness through "information art". mpg (74 MB).

FundExplorer, 2003. System for helping investors with mutual fund portfolio planning and diversification. Uses context treemap technique. mpg (92 MB).

SunBurst, 2000. The SunBurst system for visualizing hierarchies using a radial, space-filling technique. Also shows three animated techniques for focusing on small items. mpg (40 MB).