SnapShot: Visualization to Propel Ice Hockey Analytics

Team Members: Hannah Pileggi, Chad Stolper, John Stasko

    SnapShot: Visualization to Propel Ice Hockey Analytics - TVCG (InfoVis) 2012

SnapShot is a visual analytics system we designed and built for professional National Hockey League (NHL) analysts. The system displays all shots taken for the 2010-11 NHL season given their coordinate location on the ice. Interaction with the web-based system can occur through filtering by numerous categorical facets of the data (ie. team, rink, player, period) and the ability to create small multiple representations of different shot scenarios for facilitating fast side-by-side comparisons. Display options include a shot map, traditional heat map, and a "radial heat map" designed to emphasize shot distance from the net -- a common inquiry of professional NHL analysts. The system aids in exploration of hockey shot locations on the ice and serves as a tool for identifying and testing hypotheses that may lead to competitive advantages for NHL teams.