Package context.arch.util

Class Summary
ConfigObject This class implements a configuration object, encapsulating its hostname, port, id, and a type.
ConfigObjects This class maintains a list of configuration objects.
Configuration This class implements a subscriber object, encapsulating the information needed to create a subscriber and send information to it.
Constants This class is a helper class to keep track of constants required by the context toolkit.
ContextTypes This is a helper class that keeps track of all the tags used for context information.
ContextUser This class implements a context user object, encapsulating a user's description (usually a name), their full name, email address, organization, and iButton id.
ContextUsers This class maintains a list of ContextUser objects.
Error This class is a container for an error
FileRead This class is a utility class that reads in the contents of a file.
SendMail This class contacts a machine's POP port and uses it to send an email message.
XMLURLReader This class takes a URL that is encoded in XML and creates a DataObject from it.