Demos and Events

CBS Morning News
Dec 29, 2014

The SIM Lab had its first national TV news coverage on a CBS morning news. The feature titled, "Georgia Tech Lab Turning Computers into Companions", includes demos of Crystal Chao's thesis work on collaborative dialog, and Baris Akgun's thesis work on learning from demonstrations.

National Robotics Week
April 2012

To mark National Robotics Week, the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center hosted more than 400 middle school and high school students on April 11th, for the third annual Robotics Open House.

AAAI Learning by Demonstration Challenge
August 2011

We participated in the AAAI 2011 LfD challenge. The task was to learn food preparation tasks using the PR2 platform. We showcased our Keyframe-based LfD approach, allowing participants to demonstrate various tasks to the robot using a combination of trajectory, keyframe and hybrid demonstrations. The demonstration ran for three days, interacting with 100s of AAAI attendees.

CHI Interactivity Demos
April 2010

CHI Media Showcase provides a venue for researchers, practitioners, and artists to demonstrate prototypes and systems in a variety of formats. We took Simon and did a mixed-initiative Active Learning demonstration, where Simon learns the constraints of a clean up task. The showcase ran for four days, interacting with 100s of CHI attendees.

Print Media

Popular Science

Cover article, Nov. 2014

Popular Science

Sept/Oct, 2012

National Geographic Kids

February, 2011

New York Times

Cover article, July 11, 2010

MIT Technology Review

Cover article, September 2009

TV Shows

Nova Science Now

"Social Robots", first aired February 23, 2011

Innovation Nation

Season 1, Episode 6, first aired October 24th 2010.