Current Research

My current research work is primarily focused on two main areas: mobility/convergence and network management.

Current Research in Mobility and Convergence

I am currently very active in the area of mobile applications and services for converged networks. This work includes mobile handset development, service development, and interactive television.

Beginning in 2005, we have developed a strong emphasis on education and research in the field of IMS, the IP Multimedia Subsystem. Through a partnership with ATT and Nokia Siemens Networks we were able to create one of the first academic and research programs around IMS with a full IMS core available to students and researchers. The centerpiece of this effort was the IMS Student Research Competition where students form teams to develop application prototypes that are both novel and commercially viable.

The seeds of the IMS work have now blossomed into a much broader effort known as the Convergence Innovation Platform (CIP) and the Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC). The CIP provides an extensive collection of resources across Georgia Tech that enable the development and live trial deployment of converged applications and services. The CIC is a student research competition in the same spirit of the IMS competition but with much broader opportunities for students to work.

Location-based services are a popular theme in most of my current work. We have developed a location service for the Georgia Tech called WhereAmI. The primary goal of our work in this area is to provide a robust platform for researchers to work on location applications and services.

  • John Etherton, Russell Clark, Matt Sanders, "WhereAmI: A Real World Testbed for Location Services", Proceedings of the Third IEEE Workshop on Advanced Experimental Activities on Wireless Networks and Systems (EXPONWIRELESS), Newport Beach, CA, June 23, 2008.
  • Mike Hunter, Russell Clark, Frank Park. "Security Issues with the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)", Proceedings of the Workshop on Middleware for Next-Generation Converged Networks and Applications (MNCNA) 2007, Newport Beach, California, November, 2007.

Current Research in Network Management

  • M.~Khadilkar, N.~Feamster, M.~Sanders, R.~Clark, "Usage Based DHCP Lease Time Optimization", Proceedings of the Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), San Diego, California, October, 2007.

Publications/Previous Research

  • ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Computer Networking: Curriculum Designs and Educational Challenges August 20, 2002
    Workshop Site - My Slides
  • Studying circuit allocation techniques for ATM networks as part of the Ohio Computing and Communications ATM Research Network OCARNET project.

In Multicast Resource Distribution:

In Multiprotocol Systems

In Network Configuration and Management

In Robotic Learning Systems

  • Ashwin Ram, Ronald C. Arkin, Kenneth Moorman, Russell J. Clark. "Case-Based Reactive Navigation: A Case-Based Method for On-Line Selection and Adaptation of Reactive Control Parameters in Autonomous Robotic Systems", IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Volume 27, Part B, No. 3, June 1997, pp.376-394.
  • Russell J. Clark, Ronald C. Arkin and Ashwin Ram. "Case-based Reactive Navigation", Technical Report, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1992.
  • Russell J. Clark, Ronald C. Arkin and Ashwin Ram. "Learning Momentum: On-line Performance Enchancement for Reactive Systems", In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Nice, France, May, 1992.

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