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Professional Activities
Invited Lectures
Thesis and Dissertation Advising

Rauscher, Tomlinson,
Dynamic Environmental Inquiry in Computer Programming Systems,
M.S. 1971.

Gullet, James,
GRADS, The Graphics Associative Display System,
M.S. 1972.

Cleveland, Margaret,
Hidden Line Elimination for Three-Dimensional Graphical Objects, M.S. 1973.

Dunigan, Thomas,
PLCD – PL/1 for the DEC PDP 11/45,
M.S. 1973.

Mir, Vernon,
An Improved PLCV- Programming Language I for the Varian,
M.S. 1973.

Norris, Robert,
A Language for Input Data Validation Applications,
M.S. 1973.

Robb, James II,
The IDIIOM Monitor System, M.S. 1973.

Black, Sylvia,
A Comparative Analysis of Two Macro-Assemblers,
M.S. 1974.

Kehs, David,
Extensions to the PLCD Compiler,
M.S. 1974.

Brelsford, Jeffrey,
Automatic Image Reconstruction,
M.S. 1974.

Hamlin, Grifith,
Configurable Applications for Graphics Employing Satellites - CAGES,
Ph.D. 1975.

Lepkin, Wayne,
Graphics Software and Application,
M.S. 1975.

Robb, James,
An Interactive Computer Aided System for Design of Computer Communications Networks,
M.S. 1975.

Hogan, Robert,
Display Independent Graphics System,
M.S. 1976.

Garrett, Michael,
A Unified Non-Procedural Environment for Designing and Implementing Graphical Interfaces to Relational Data Base Management Systems,
D.Sc. 1980.

Hanlon, James,
Implementation and Evaluation of Input Functions for the 1979 Core Graphics Systems,
M.S. 1980.

Hu, Mei-Chung,
Parallel Processing Approaches to Hidden-Surface Removal,
D.Sc. 1982.

Jovanovic, Branka,
Visual Programming of Functional Transformations in a Dynamic Process Visualization System,
M.S. 1986.

Drummond, Brian,
An Intelligent Notification System for Complex Physical Processes,
M.S. 1986.

Maleknasri, Sia,
Prototype and Experimental Comparison of Graphical and Textual Multi-process
UNIX/C Monitors, D.Sc. 1988.

Murray, Kevin,
Knowledge-Acquisition Interface for the User Interface Design Environment,
M.S. 1989.

Kappel, Michael,
A Shading Toolbox,
D.Sc. 1990.

Wenner, Patricia,
Graphical Monitoring Language,
D.Sc. 1990.

Acquah, James,
A Graphical Modeling Language, D.Sc. 1990.

Bleser, Teresa,
A Model of Input Incorporating Physical Pragmatics,
D.Sc. 1991.

Sukaviriya, Piyawadee,
Coupling a UI Framework with Automatic Generation of Context-Sensitive Help,

D.Sc. 1991.

Kim, Won-Chul,
Automatic Design of User-Computer Interfaces, D.Sc. 1993.

Kovacevic, Srdjan,
A Compositional Model of Human-Computer Interaction,
D.Sc. 1993.

Frank, Martin,
Building UI Models by Demonstration,
Ph.D. 1995.

Mynatt, Beth,
Auditory Interfaces for Visually-Impaired Users,
Ph.D. 1995.

Mukherjea, Sougata,
A Visualization Toolkit for the WWW,
Ph.D. 1996.

Sadun, Erica,
A Notational System for Demonstrational Creation of User Interfaces,
Ph.D. 1996.

Pitkow, James,
Models of WWW Usage,
Ph.D. 1997.

Moore, Melody,
Reverse Engineering of User Interfaces, Ph.D. 1998.