Steele's CL book

Linda Wills (
07 Dec 1994 00:56:27 GMT

In case you don't want to buy the book:

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~Subject: I don't know who else may have gotten this ...
~Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 21:30:34 -0500

~Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 17:18:01 EST
~Subject: WWW version of "Common Lisp the Language, 2e"

Announcing a complete WWW Version
of "Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition".

We are pleased to announce that the complete text of the book

Guy L. Steele, "Common Lisp the Language, 2nd edition",
Digital Press, 1990. 1029 pages, ISBN 1-55558-041-6 paperbound ($39.95).

is now available from the CMU AI Repository on the WWW via the URL
It includes all text, figures, equations, code, and examples from the
original paperbound version. A searchable interface to the book using
GLIMPSE is in the works, and should be ready sometime after the first
of the year.

We are very grateful to Butterworth-Heinemann, owners of Digital
Press, for allowing us to make the full text of this important
reference work widely available in electronic format. The paperbound
version is of course readily available at fine bookstores, or contact
them directly:

Digital Press
225 Wildwood St.
Woburn, MA 01801
Tel: 800-366-2665 (USA) or 617-928-2527
Fax: 800-446-6520 (USA) or 617-933-6333

A WWW version of the Digital Press catalog is available off of the
CLtL2 home page.

The following people were instrumental in the preparation of the html
version of the book:

Mark Kantrowitz
Nikos Drakos
Robert Doorenbos
Marius Minea
Alison Cawsey
Steve Strassmann

Please direct any questions about the html version to

					-Linda Wills (