ARPA WWW Standards

Ben Combee (
15 Nov 1994 13:22:47 -0500

I've checked out the ARPA WWW standards Spencer mentioned at the last two
Reverse group meetings, and they are quite interesting.
PM PDA (Project Manager Planning and Decision Aids) is a set of tools
in Tcl that automate creation of standardized WWW pages for document
indices, calendars, address books, and information documents. To see
and example of what these generated pages look like, go to for the tools in use for the PMPDA
people's own projects.

I've downloaded the distribution and will be installing it later this
week in ~reverse. I'll also put the hypermail program in there along
with its man page. This is a very useful program for comverting UNIX
mail folders into a tree of HTML. It works with standard folders
as produced by elm, automatically makes links for any URL's it sees,
and is just all around very nice. I'll explain its usage in tomorrow's


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