larger Fortran programs using NAIF

Linda Wills (
21 Oct 1994 14:35:06 -0400

Hey Gang,

Mike sent us this pointer to a possible source for large FORTRAN
programs that use NAIF (> 1000 subroutine calls!). I'll try to
contact this guy.


To: Linda Wills <>
~Subject: Re: FYRecords: Agenda
~Date: Thu, 20 Oct 94 15:05:49 PDT


I enjoyed visiting G. TEch very much and felt we made good
progress. I just got back today from further travel, and am
looking forward to continuing the work. Hestor's recent msg
about the 'serious mathematical error' in CKGPAV, just discovered,
is very interesting in this context.

Yesterday at JPL I met another `Mike' from a private company
in San Diego whose main produce is a camera and associated
software that will likely be used in future MARS missions.

Mike said that he has written FORTRAN code consisting with
at least a 1000 calls to various NAIF routines. He also has
some background in Denotational Semantics. I mentioned your
work, and your interest in seeing large programs that used the
NAIF routines. He seemed interested in giving us some of this
code - though of course he will have to clear it with his company.

His address is

More later.


					-Linda Wills (