Below is a list of other sites that contain polygonal models.

Sites With Models

The Princeton shape-based 3D model search engine.

The Model Library at the 3D Cafe

The Sample Models page of Cyberware, Inc.

The 3D Scanning Repository page of the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory

VRML Models from ORC Incorporated

The Stereolithography Archive at Clemson University

Polygonal Slices from Dr. Gill Barequet

The Avalon Public 3D Archive courtesy of Viewpoint Datalabs

Stereolithography Models from Georgia Tech's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute

You might also find useful pointers at the Models page of David Eppstein's Geometry Junkyard

File Format Documentation

The site at Indiana has a huge list of descriptions of 3D object file formats

Look under "Format Specs" at the Avalon Public 3D Archive

File Translators

Look under "Utilities" at the Avalon Public 3D Archive

The ORC pages have some file translators to VRML