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New Surveys

A comprehensive survey is now available. As the lecture series finishes up, please tell us what you thought.

If you missed previous surveys, you can still comment on lecture 4 , or lecture 3 (GUIS, events), or lecture 2 (objects, OO design) or lecture 1 (syntax, basics)


Java for the Impatient will cover essential skills in the Java programming language. It is assumed that course participants have prior expose to a programming language.

The course will cover essential Java syntax, class creation and manipulation, object oriented programming, graphical, event-driven programming. If time permits, the course will also cover selected topics in Java networking, database connectivity, and remote object brokerage.

To make the class more relevant to the participants, we ask you to complete a brief survey about your interests. Your input will help us select content for the eight scheduled lectures in this series.

Lecture Outline

Lecture 0:
Configuring your Java platform.
(This lecture is merely a collection of notes; there was no GSAMS presentation.)

Lecture 1:
Java Syntax, Class Structure

Lecture 2:
Objects, References, Constructors, Scope & Debugging Suggestions.

Supplemental material on Collections (Lists, Trees, Arrays, Vectors) will be offered, but not covered.

Lecture 3:
Inheritance, Casting, Wrappers, OO Design, Exceptions.

Lecture 4:
GUIs, LayoutManagers, Containers, Components, Interfaces and Events.

Example applet.

Lecture 5:
Simple Animation, Lightweight Components, Introduction to Swing.

Lecture 6:
Networking, RMI, Native Methods.

Utilities and Resources

You can use any editor you like to program in Java. If you don't have an editor, may we recommend the use of NTEmacs with JDE? There's a distribution for downloading available here and installation instructions on the cs1502 web page.

You might test your knowledge of Java by attempting one of the early programs assigned to the students at Georgia Tech. Files include:

p2.nfo -- an informational file
TestIC.class -- an utility file (sorry, only the compiled .class code is available; we do not distribute the source code in order to instruct students on the use of APIs. If you feel you need the source code, please contact us individually.)
TestIC.html -- an API listing for the p2 utility

Utilities -- a general purpose utility class (used in some of the lecture slide examples).

You might find it useful to study working examples of the various topics covered in lecture.

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