International Conference on Functional Programming

You may submit your paper to ICFP 2003 here.

Problems: Please note that there has been at least one report of problems using the web-based submission system through a firewall. If you have have problems of this kind, try submitting from a client that is not running behind a firewall.

As a last resort, you may simply submit your paper via email to (But consider this a last resort; among other problems, you lose the benefit of immediate confirmation that your submission has been received successfully.)

Submissions must be filed by 18:00 EST on Saturday 29 March. Some convenient equivalents to 18:00 EST are

For other time-zones/locations, see

Authors should submit a 100-200 word abstract and a full paper by 23:00 Universal Coordinated Time on Saturday, 29 March, 2003. Submissions should be no more than 12 pages (including bibliography and appendices) in standard ACM conference format: two columns, nine-point font on a ten-point baseline, with pages 20pc (3.33in) wide and 54pc (9in) tall, with a column gutter of 2pc (0.33in). Detailed formatting guidelines are available at, along with formatting templates or style files for LaTeX, Word Perfect, and Word. You don't need to include categories, keywords, etc., though you are welcome to do so. Also, note that the ACM copyright notice is not required of submissions, only of accepted papers.

Authors wishing to supply additional material to the reviewers beyond the 12-page limit can do so in clearly marked appendices, on the understanding that reviewers are not required to read the appendices. Submissions that do not meet these guidelines will not be considered. The submission deadline and length above are firm.

Papers must be submitted in either PDF format, or as PostScript documents that are interpretable by Ghostscript, and they must be printable on US Letter sized paper. Individuals for which this requirement is a hardship should contact the program chair at least one week before the deadline.

For further information, see the call for papers at