Jun (Jim) Xu


Jun (Jim) Xu
School of Computer Science
Georgia Tech

Email: jx AT cc.gatech.edu
Phone: 404-385-2168
Fax: 404-385-0332

Summaries of my current NSF projects and a pending NSF proposal (updated Spring 2014)

1. Towards Principled Network Troubleshooting via Efficient Packet Stream Processing
2. Stochastic Processing Calculus: A New Methodology for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing and Data Center Networking
Towards Building Time Capsule for Online Social Activities
4. Research into Worst-Case Large Deviation for Network Algorithmics

Teaching (updated Aug. 2022)


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Professional Services (outdated)


Nan Hua, Tongqing Qiu, Haiquan Zhao, Yiyi Huang (co-advised with Prof. Feamster), Qi Zhao (graduated in Aug. 2007 and joined AT&T-Labs Research), Ashwin Lall (was visiting PHD student from U. of Rochester, now my postdoctoral researcher), Abhishek Kumar (graduated in Dec. 2005 and joined Google), Min-Ho Sung (graduated in Aug. 2006 and joined Samsung)