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  • No significant differences between the Weekend and Weekday users age profiles, though the distributions within the segments does differ slightly. Weekday users have more users in the 21 to 30 year old range (35.6% Weekday vs 29.7% Weekend). This was balanced by the Weekend users having more users in the 41 to 50 year old range (21.3% Weekend vs 17.7% Weekday).

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  • Unlike the Third Survey, where there were no significant differences between women and men's age profiles, the average age for women dropped to from 35.15 to 31.8 years old. The average age for men also dropped from 35.05 to 33.1 years old.

  • There was a significant increase in women users between the ages of 16 and 20 years old compared to men (14.2% vs 11.5% men) as well as there being less women above the age of 46 years old compared to men. Thus, while the Web does not seem to be attracting as many older women than men, it is drawing a significantly younger crowd.

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