GVU's First WWW User Survey Results

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All in all, the survey was a huge success. We are very thankful for those that participated. Feel free to view our Write Up of the Results (this is a postscript file). Note that if you do not have the correct fonts on your machine, the display of the paper might be unreadable. Regardless, if you download the file and print to a Postscript printer, there ought not to be a problem. Also, there is an on-line HTML Version of the Results.

Also, we also have some graphs of the general findings. Beware, these pages contain large GIF images so they may take a few monents to load. Note, these are the updated the graphs. By request, the graphs are available individually via anonymous ftp from ftp.cc.gatech.edu and also in tar'd form.

Note: some browsers do not support symbolic links correctly. It you have problems getting to pages, open the following URL and try again: http://www.gatech.edu/pitkow/survey/survey-1-1994.html

You can also view the comments submitted for each survey as listed below. (Note: we have tried our best to remove sensitive information (e-mails, etc.), but if yoe'd like to remove a comment, please e-mail us ASAP ast the below e-mail address).
  1. General Information Comments
  2. Your WWW Usage Comments
  3. NCSA's Mosaic Comments
  4. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Comments
  5. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Comments

Below are hyperlinks to the original surveys as listed below.
  1. General Information
  2. Your WWW Usage
  3. NCSA's Mosaic
  4. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  5. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

For more information or to submit comments:
send e-mail to www-survey@cc.gatech.edu.

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