Jarek Rossignac
Professor, College of Computing

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA, 30332-0280
E-mail: jarek@gvu.gatech.edu

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I am a Professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My research interests span Solid Modeling and Interactive Graphics, with a primary focus on 3D Compression. I primarily teach "3D Graphics Foundations" (CS6490) and "Complexity Techniques for Graphics, Modeling, and Animation" (CS7491).

My contributions to 3D compression started with the Topological Surgery approach, invented and patented with Gabriel Taubin at IBM. It provided the foundation of the current MPEG-4 standard for 3D compression and has received an IBM award for the Best 1998 CS Paper co-authored by an IBM employee. The Edgebreaker  compression technique, which I developed at Georgia Tech and perfected with Dr. Andrzej Szymczak and PhD student Davis King, has received the Sigma Xi Award for the Best Paper published by a Georgia Tech faculty in 1999. This research was supported by the NSF.

I was born in Poland and grew up in France. I hold a Diplome d'Ingenieur from the ENSEM and a Maitrise in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nancy in France. I obtained a PhD in E.E. from the University of Rochester, New York, where I worked with Profs. Ari Requicha and Herb Voelcker on advanced Solid Modeling techniques. I spent 11 years at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center, where, I was Senior Manager and Strategist for Visualization, overseeing various research groups and two IBM products: Data Explorer and 3D Interaction Accelerator. In August 1996, I joined Georgia Tech, where I have served as the Director of the GVU Center until December 2000.

I have authored 78 technical papers and 17 patents, for which I received 8 Best Paper Awards and 5 Invention Awards. I chaired 18 conferences, workshops, and technical program committees. I served on the Editorial Boards of 7 professional journals, on 46 technical Program Committees of international conferences and workshops, on 5 NSF panels, and on 10 internal and 10 external PhD committees. I Guest-Edited 8 special issues of professional journals and gave 14 keynote or invited lectures at conferences. I am member of the ACM/Siggraph and IEEE societies and have been elected Fellow of the Eurographics Association.

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