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Project Description

The aim of the Visual Obliq project is to make building distributed multi-user applications as easy as building user applications using a conventional application builder.

The Visual Obliq programming environment environment consists of an interactive application builder, and a runtime system for distribution. The application builder is an integrated tool that allows distributed applications to be designed, programmed (in the language Obliq), and executed from within it. The runtime system is responsible for connecting new users to sessions, and transmitting code to their site when they join. Recently we added support for embedding Visual Obliq applications in the WWW, and for the dynamic migration of applications to new sites.

Most of the work was done while Krishna Bharat was a research intern at Digital, Systems Research Center, during the summers of '93 and '94.


Visual Obliq

Visual Obliq (Video)

The Obliq Programming Language

Embedding Visual Obliq Applications in WWW

Migratory Interactive Applications in Visual Obliq


Visual Obliq is included in the current Digital SRC, Modula-3 Distribution.


Marc H. Brown, Digital, Systems Research Center

Luca Cardelli, Digital, Systems Research Center

Krishna Bharat, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Lab, Georgia Tech

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