Perfomance Visualization Support for PVM

PGPVM is an enhancement package for PVM 3.3 that produces trace files for use with standard ParaGraph. PGPVM attempts to give an accurate portrayal of applications by minimizing the perturbation inherent with this type of monitoring. PGPVM does not utilize standard PVM tracing but instead its own buffered tracing techniques to provide more accurate monitoring information. Further, PGPVM provides a shellscript that performs some postprocessing and produces a file.trf, i.e. a standard ParaGraph trace event file. Tachyon removal and clock synchronization are performed during postprocessing when necessary.

PGPVM, including a brief documentation and examples is available from ~ftp/pub/topol on ParaGraph may be obtained from netlib or by anonymous ftp from

To view a snapshot of a PGPVM visualization of a NAS kernel Integer Sort benchmark, click here.

Brad Topol
Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center
Georgia Institute of Technology

Vaidy Sunderam
Department of Math and Computer Science
Emory University

Anders Alund
ITM - Swedish Institute of Applied Mathematics