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Jigsaw: Visual Analytics for Exploring and Understanding Document Collections

Using Jigsaw on your Data
If you are working with unstructured (plain) text documents or even have structured data such as that found in spreadsheets and databases and you want to better understand and analyze this data, give Jigsaw a try! We have made the system available for all to use. Just click the download link below to get Jigsaw.

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0.53 Release
Jan. 19, 2014

To receive future announcements about new releases of Jigsaw or to ask questions about the system, please examine and register with the Jigsaw Discussion Forum.

If you have questions about the system, would like usage advice, or just want to discuss collaboration possibilities, please send an email to John Stasko via stasko[at]cc[dot]gatech[.]edu.


Last modified: Jan. 20, 2014