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Jigsaw: Visual Analytics for Exploring and Understanding Document Collections

Jigsaw Tutorial Videos and Documentation
This page contains a series of short, tutorial videos that were designed to help someone new to Jigsaw to learn more about how to use the system and how to start exploring a document collection. The videos are listed in an order of logical chronological application within Jigsaw. Each video's name is a link to a Flash file. The links at the end of a line are to stand-alone mp4 video files with the size shown. The page also contains a link to the written Jigsaw Tutorial documentation. We recommend that you print out this document and review it as you watch the videos.

Jigsaw Manual/Tutorial
HTML version of manual
pdf version (useful for printing)

System Requirements - What is needed to be able to run Jigsaw (2.6 MB MP4)
Importing Documents - How to import documents into Jigsaw (6.7 MB MP4)
Working with Entities - How to identify entities, correct errors, and create aliases (4.9 MB MP4)
Computational Text Analysis - How to perform text mining analyses (0.6 MB MP4)
Projects and Workspaces - Saving and restoring sessions (1.5 MB MP4)
Using the Control Panel - Operations available in the control panel and how to search for terms (2.3 MB MP4)
Document View - How to use the Document View (5.5 MB MP4)
List View - How to use the List View (6.2 MB MP4)
Cluster View - How to use the Cluster View (5 MB MP4)
Graph View - How to use the Graph View (6.2 MB MP4)
Grid View - How to use the Grid View (5.5 MB MP4)
Calendar View - How to use the Calendar View (2.8 MB MP4)
WordTree View - How to use the WordTree View (7.1 MB MP4)
Scatterplot View - How to use the Scatterplot View (2.9 MB MP4)
Circular Graph View - How to use the Circular Graph View (1.7 MB MP4)
Timeline View - How to use the Timeline View (1.1 MB MP4)
Tablet - How to take notes and reason with the Tablet (3.4 MB MP4)


Last modified: November 18, 2012