Current version: 0.54 (created March 2016)

Required Java version: The current version of Jigsaw will only run with Java versions 7 or 8. It will not run with Java version 9 and above.

To download the system, click on the link below. It should allow you to save a zip file of system. If you have a slow Internet connection and cannot unzip Jigsaw after downloading it, please check the downloaded file size (should be around 130 MB) and try again. Occasionally, the download times out on slow connections. Once you have the zip file, unzip it, and then follow the directions in the README file included in the top directory.

Jigsaw System Download

Please note that we are no longer actively developing or supporting the Jigsaw system. We provide it here as a convenience to the community for people or organizations who sitll want to work with it.

Version History

Release 0.54 (March 2016)

  • Updated Jigsaw and underlying libraries to Java 8
  • Added support for importing and exporting clusters
  • Added support for dragging selected documents in Cluster View
  • Fixed bug so that export command works in the different views
  • Included selected and connected items in List View export report
  • Fixed bug about document counts when importing documents incrementally

Release 0.53 (January 2014)

  • Added support to import Unicode documents and Jigsaw datafiles
  • Added ability to specify entity aliases externally via a file
  • Added “Show in new Document View” command to right mouse button menu
  • Added capability to export Tablet as a PNG image
  • Modified entity identification dialog to allow more than three new entity types to be specified
  • Fixed a bug in entity-based document clustering
  • Fixed issue with tree representation in the Calendar and Cluster View on Linux
  • Added horizontal scrolling support in List View
  • Fixed a bug when importing csv files with empty rows
  • Fixed tooltip and changed icon for “Sort by document date” in Document View

Release 0.52 (July 2013)

  • Fixed a bug in how dates were compared
  • Lists with numeric values are now sorted in numeric order in List View
  • Bugs in document summarization fixed. Summary is now always one sentence and its tooltip is not allowed to be too large
  • Fixed bugs in removing entity aliases and determining connections for aliases
  • Very old document dates now will be recognized in .jig files, but not in other types of files. We do this to avoid too many false positives

Release 0.51 (February 2013)

  • Fixed a few bugs throughout the system
  • Made similarity computation more robust

Release 0.5 (May 2012)

  • Capability to customize clustering (# of clusters, method) included
  • Document Cluster View slightly updated for more flexible display of clusters
  • Some improvements in Comma-separated value (csv) file type importer made
  • More control over ordering and coloring of documents in Document Grid View
  • Tablet View now can be saved and restored in a Project

Release 0.4 (May 2011)

  • Document Cluster View reimplemented and improved significantly
  • Comma-separated value (csv) file type importer added (now preferred over xls importer)
  • Data export capabilities added to Document, List, Cluster, and Grid Views
  • Regular expression entity identification added to custom entity type lists
  • Alternate (white) background available for Graph and Cluster Views
  • Affiliated entities added to bottom of focus document in the Document View
  • User can add positive/negative words for sentiment analysis
  • File importer now looks for “Date:” and “Source:” strings in top five lines of a file now to specify that meta-data
  • Document summarization is faster
  • Clearing all views is improved
  • Document read counts and document clusters are now saved in Workspaces
  • Alias pop-up in List View can be made optional now