Alexander Clegg published Learning to Navigate Cloth using Haptics in IROS 2017.
This work presents a controller that allows an arm-like manipulator to navigate deformable cloth garments in simulation through the use of haptic information.

Patsorn Sangkloy published Scribbler: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Sketch and Color in CVPR 2017.
This work demonstrates a sketch based image synthesis system which allows users to 'scribble' over the sketch to indicate preferred color for objects.

Patsorn Sangkloy presented The Sketchy Database: Learning to Retrieve Badly Drawn Bunnies at SIGGRAPH 2016.
This paper presents the Sketchy database, the first large-scale collection of sketch-photo pairs.

Mukul Sati's paper eBits: Compact Stream of Mesh Refinements for Remote Visualization received the 2nd prize in the best paper awards at the Solid and Physical Modeling Symposium (June 2016, Berlin, Germany)

Alexander Clegg was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2016)

Yunfei Bai and Wenhao Yu published Dextrous Manipulation of Cloth in Eurographics 2016
This paper introduces a new technique to synthesize dexterous manipulation of cloth.

Mark Luffel and Mukul Sati published SURGEM: A solid modeling tool for planning and optimizing pediatric heart surgeries in Computer-Aided Design 2016
This work presents SURGEM, a solid modeling environment used to improve surgical outcome by allowing the surgeon to design the geometry for several possible surgical options before the operation and to evaluate their relative merits using computational fluid simulation.

Mukul Sati published Average Curve of n Smooth Planar Curves in Computer-Aided Design 2016
This work defines the Average Curve (AC) of a compatible set of two or more smooth and planar, Jordan curves.

Jie Tan recieved PhD from Georgia Tech (2015)
Jie has joined the team at Lytro.

Yunfei Bai recieved PhD from Georgia Tech (2015)
Yunfei has joined the team at X.

Sehoon Ha recieved PhD from Georgia Tech (2015)
Sehoon has joined Disney Research Pittsburgh.