Jalen Chuang

PhD Student in Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Computer Science

I am a first-year PhD student advised by Daniel Genkin and Taesoo Kim.
I got my Bachelor's in Computer Science from University of California, Irvine.
My interests are in offensive security research. Generally, I enjoy digging deep into the functionality of complex systems.

My current research is on CPU faulting and side channels. Previously I worked on fuzzing self-driving cars.
Outside of formal research, I also like web security and reverse engineering.

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╔═▷ Ziwen Wan, Junjie Shen, Jalen Chuang, Xin Xia, Joshua Garcia, Jiaqi Ma, and Qi Alfred Chen.
╔═▷ Too Afraid to Drive: Systematic Discovery of Semantic DoS Vulnerability
╔═▷ in Autonomous Driving Planning under Physical-World Attacks. NDSS 2022 [scholar] [pdf]

Blog Posts
╔═▷ BPF in Seccomp
╔═▷ CSS Injection Techniques

Other Interests: CTFs, cryptography, rhythm games, etc...

Short link to this site:

mailto jchuang ​at​ gatech.edu