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We would like to start a weekly discussion group on issues concerning the prototyping of future computing environments here at Georgia Tech. We've all seen the flashy concept videotapes of computing/communication in the future. It is important that we think about developing some prototype that push today's technology for tomorrow's applications. And we want to start nurturing more of an environment here that enables us to build some of these novel applications/interfaces. It's fun to think about what life would be like in 2005 with an assumption of ubiquitous computing, but we are bad predictors of how technology affects our daily lives. We need to dream and we need to build.

Here are some Topics that interest us:

Discussion Topics:

The Cyberguide

Integration for Education
Hari Narayanan: narayan@cc.gatech.edu

Web Browser as Desktop
Ian Smith: iansmith@cc.gatech.edu

Integrating Personal Information
Gregory Abowd: abowd@cc.gatech.edu

Educational Collaboration
No champion yet.

Audio Spaces
Nick Sawhney: gt2464c@prism.gatech.edu

No champion yet.

Tomo Kamba: tomo@cc.gatech.edu
Shawn Elson: elson@cc.gatech.edu

Other Related Work

WWW as the new desk top metaphor:

HCI Seminar at Stanford - Project on People, Computers, and Design

For questions regarding the group contact: abowd@cc.gatech.edu

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