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Wavelan: AT&T, Digital, and Solectek offerings are based on radio technology originally developed by NCR Corporation. NCR was bought by ATT, and I think is currently being divested into something new. Wavelan users:
  1. Syracuse University Good discussion of performance issues.
  2. Scalable Computing Lab Remote Server uses Wavelan.
  3. Columbia: Mobile computing laboratory seems to be using Wavelans.
  4. Rutgers DATAMAN uses 2 Mbps NCR Wavelan-AT cards http://paul.rutgers.edu/~acharya/lab.html
  5. FSU use of Wavelans?


RF Internet Service for MANs

RF Point To Point Modems

article on Wireless Bridges

Packet Radio

Infrared (IR) LANS

Infrared Point To Point High Data Rate

Infrared Point To Point Modems



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Netweek: Wireless LAN yields horizontal mobility [0.8406]

Outline: Wireless LAN yields horizontal mobility

Abstract: October 16, 1995 What PC Week Labs learned when we cut the 10BaseT cables and went wireless By Terry Tam Wireless LANs cut traditional wired ties between a workstation and hub, bringing mobility to movers and shakers and forcing a paradigm shift in how IS managers view their world. Not to be confused with the more popular cellular modem market (linking to RadioMail or WyndMail, for instance), spread-spectrum wireless technologies are designed for connectivity to a LAN or for the... Wireless LANs provide the same benefits of continuous connectivity to the corporate backbone as cellular modems, only a wireless LAN rescues corridor cruisers rather than road warriors. To explore the real-world ramifications
http://zcias3.ziff.com/~pcweek/netweek/1016/twirel.html (11k)

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