Interfaces which support natural inputs such as handwriting and speech are becoming more prevalent. These input techniques allow people to use computers in situations where the mouse and keyboard are not an option, such as mobile computing. They can also allow people with disabilities or little computing experience to use computers.

Unfortunately, these new interfaces come with a new set of problems --they make mistakes.

The Errata project is an investigation into techniques for handling errors, and the toolkit level support needed to make them useable by interface designers.

The Big Picture: Our problem and approach to solving it. Note: this project grew out of our investigations into alternative inputs in the Pendragon project.
Jen Mankoff, Gregory Abowd and John Goldthwaite are all involved in this project at various levels.
Pictures and descriptions of the input devices, working environment, and software which have come out of the Errata project. Here's where pieces of the project that might be useful in other settings can be downloaded or tried out.
  • Cirrin, a circular soft keyboard. Errors are corrected by editing the original input. Originally designed as part of the Pendragon project.
  • Publications
    Jennifer Mankoff and Scott E. Hudson and Gregory D. Abowd.
    Providing Integrated Toolkit-Level Support for Ambiguity in Recognition-Based Interfaces. In Proceedings of CHI 2000. April, 2000. pp.368-375.

    Jennifer Mankoff and Scott E. Hudson and Gregory D. Abowd
    Interaction techniques for ambiguity resolution in recognition-based interfaces UIST '00. pp. 11-20
    ( pdf)

    Jennifer Mankoff and Gregory D. Abowd and Scott E. Hudson
    OOPS: A Toolkit Supporting Mediation Techniques for Resolving Ambiguity in Recognition-Based Interfaces
    Computers and Graphics (Elsevier). Special Issue on Calligraphic Interfaces. To Appear in 2000.
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