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Think about your circle of friends. Chances are, that it includes people who are far away from you, possibly people you've never met in person, and people who live down the street. All of them are close to you in some special way, but many of them may be far to far away physically. In fact, you yourself are probably spread across many different physical locations (two obvious ones might be office and work). The Domisilica project attempts to take these distributed communities and spaces and bring them together.

A demo of the remote interface(s). can be run by people in georgia tech domains.

If you are interested in working on a domisilica-related project, check out the Mini-Projects page. If you are in 7100, you might want to read a little more about us. Further resources can be found here.

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How to Reach us

The Domisilica now has a mailing list! To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@cc with the line "subscribe domisilica". To send mail to it, send mail to domisilica@cc.gatech.edu

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