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The CyberGuide project focuses on how portable computers can assist in exploring physical spaces and cyberspaces. We are developing handheld intelligent tour guides to demonstrate future computing environments. For example, at monthly demo days visitors are each given a personal mobile computing interface (a cyberguide). Possible applications of such guides are:

Cyberguide Prototypes

We have been building prototypes of Cyberguide on various mobile platforms to support indoor and outdoor tours at Georgia Tech. The following are pointers to project notebooks that describe the prototypes in further detail.

The Real World Lab (undergraduate) Cyberguide Project

From July 1995 until August 1997, a group of undergraduate students at Georgia Tech have produced a series of Cyberguide indoor and outdoor prototypes on a variety of handheld devices. The above link takes you to the main project page for this undergraduate project and contains pointers to historical information as well as the latest project work.


Atlanta will never be the same, now that we have this travelling companion. Uses GPS positioning and provides the beginnings of a modifiable database for collecting information about local Atlanta establishments.

The Palmtop PC Cyberguide I

Version developed using Delphi. No position-awareness, but demonstrates more sophisticated map interactions, such as rotation and comes with a map building tool.

The Palmtop PC Cyberguide II

Another indoor Cyberguide developed using Visual Basic that incorporates an infra-red positioning system similar to the Newton.


Project overview

CHI'96 Short Paper

Sue Long, Dietmar Aust, Gregory D. Abowd and Chris Atkeson. Cyberguide: Prototyping Context-Aware Mobile Applications. CHI'96 Short paper, December 1995.

Cyberguide MobiCom'96 paper

Sue Long, Rob Kooper, Gregory D. Abowd, and Christopher G. Atkeson. Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Context-Aware Applications: The Cyberguide Case Study. In the Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom'96), November 1996. To appear.

Cyberguide journal paper

Gregory D. Abowd, Christopher G. Atkeson, Jason Hong, Sue Long, Rob Kooper and Mike Pinkerton. Cyberguide: A Mobile Context-Aware Tour Guide. Baltzer/ACM Wireless Networks, Vol. 3. 1997. To appear.

Other information

Cyberguide Net Resources Page

Newton Equipment Log

Related Work

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