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Anind K. Dey
Gregory Abowd
Chris Atkeson

The desktop metaphor is getting old, but what is going to replace it? We're not sure, but one suggestion is that it will be replaced by an active browser metaphor. With Internet-savvy languages such as Java, we can start to think about what it would mean to use an active browser as the new metaphor for interaction.

On this page, we have accumulated some of the projects we are working on in the FCE group to realize a vision of a new interaction paradigm based on an active browser. Most of these projects are examples of Java applets that would form part of a productivity suite.

What we have not yet achieved in these projects is our dream about freeing the user from the desktop. Rather than have the user chase after the interface, the interface should have to come find the user. Some of our other projects in the FCE group better demonstrate that, but as soon as we have a Java Virtual Machine sitting on portable device, we can really start to take advantage of some of these tools.

How can the web serve as our desktop (where we store information and run applications from)? 

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