Context Toolkit: Tutorial: Introduction

The Context Toolkit was developed to help context-aware application developers built applications more easily. A graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit, separates the act of obtaining user input from acting on it. A GUI widget mediates between the user and the graphical application. We treat context in an analogous way. In much the same way, the Context Toolkit separates the act of obtaining context from acting on it. A context widget mediates between the environment and the context-aware application. For more information on context and context-awareness, see [1].

 In this tutorial, I will describe the components in the Context Toolkit, namely widgets, servers and interpreter. I will describe each first in an abstract way and then concretely, stepping through the actual code. I will describe how to use these components to build an application, an In Out Board and present the code for each. Finally, I will provide an installation guide for the Context Toolkit.

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