The project formerly known as Classroom 2000.

The original name is no longer quite as visionary as it once was, so we changed it. Solved our own local Y2K bug. Hopefully, the new name is a little more robust with respect to time. If you haven't seen our nifty transition logo, check it out here, and you will be automatically returned to this page.

eClass is a project within the Future Computing Environments group. Our mission is to study a general ubiquitous computing research theme, automated capture of live experiences for later access. We have been studying this problem since 1995, mainly, though not exclusively, in an educational setting.

What we're all about - our fundamental objectives, goals, and timelimes.
Classes Captured to Date
A listing (present and past) of classes that used Classroom 2000 or eClass technology.
Papers we have written in the name of Classroom 2000 or eClass.
Projects And Future Research
A description of our current projects and research efforts including related work.
Who We Are
The people who work on eClass and the people that support us, both financially and otherwise.
Using Room 102
Information on using the technology in CCB 102, the original prototype classroom.
Creating Your Own eClass-room
Information about the Zen-Star capture/access system and other accessories needed to build your very own eClass installation.
In the Media
Television, Newspaper, and Web clippings about the project.
If you have any comments, questions, pointers to similar projects, or criticism, please let us know!

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