Sample Midterm--CS 4001

This is the actual midterm that was given in this class in fall 2004.

  1. What are the two formulations of the categorical imperative? (10 points)

  2. What are "logos," "ethos," and "pathos"? (10 points)

  3. Describe the Supreme Court case Katz versus the United States. Who was Katz and what was he accused of? What did the Supreme Court rule, and why is this decision important? (15 points)

  4. You work for a small software company that has been hired to write software for a chain of cafes, Java du Jour. The customer would like you to write code to gather all email addresses sent unencrypted over its wireless LAN (as described in the previous problem). Is writing the software ethical? What might someone in this situation do? Analyze the problem from act utilitarian, rule utilitarian, deontological, and feminine ethics points of view. Also refer to the ACM and software engineering codes of professional practice. (Copies provided with your exam.) (40 points)