From Samba Schools to Computer Clubhouses : Cultural Institutions as Learning Environments

Learning rarely takes place in isolation. The learner is typically situated in a community of practice. 2 In some cases, like traditional schools, promoting learning is the community's reason for being. In others, like the Vai and Gola tailors of West Africa studied by Lave and Wenger, the community's purpose may be something else entirely (like making clothes).3 Nevertheless, learning is a lifelong, ongoing practice for tailors as much as students. Furthermore, in all varieties of learning communities, social practices and cultural factors play a central role in what learning does or does not take place.


Jose Pablo Zagal , Amy S. Bruckman


Zagal, Jose and Amy Bruckman (2005) "From Samba Schools to Computer Clubhouses: Cultural Institutions as Learning Environments." Feature report. Convergence 11:1, 88-105.


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