Judging You by the Company You Keep : Dating on Social Networking Sites

This study examines dating strategies in Social Networking Sites (SNS) and the features that help participants achieve their dating goals. Qualitative data suggests the SNS feature, the friends list, plays a prominent role in finding potential dates, verifying credibility, and validating ongoing relationship commitment levels. Observations of how study participants use the friends list may provide design implications for social networking sites interested in facilitating romantic connection among their users. More broadly, this research shows how subtle user-interface design choices in social computing software can have a profound effect on non-trivial activities like finding a life partner


Adeline Lee , Amy Bruckman


Lee, Adeline and Amy Bruckman (2007). "Judging you by the company you keep: dating on social networking sites." Proceedings of Group 2007, Sanibel Island, FL, November 2007.


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